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David Hamilin
Passed Away on December 30, 2011

David Hamilin, C.P.A. who was head of the accounting department in early days of Digital Productions has passed away Dec. 30. It was sudden and unexpected and cause of death not confirmed.

He was only 62 years old, left his son James Robinson Hamlin, brother Harry Hamlin (wife Lisa; daughters Amelia & Deliah), a sister, some other nieces/nephews.
David was a native of Pasadena, highly educated from the Hill School (prep school in Pottstown, PA) to USC and passed his CPA when he first took the exam.

He worked for Price Waterhouse, then Kaiser Steel, Universal Studios, Lorimar Studios then Digital Productions, which was exciting terrain form him (and that's how I came to work there as did my sister Debbie) to be a part of the innovations happening in CGI,  before embarking to other professional interests.

There is a private family reception and when I know more of where to send condolence or other greetings I'll send. There should be an obituary showing in local newspapers coming up.
That's all I know for now.

Take care, and happy new year.

Note by Stephanie Mardesich

doa facebook Facebook DOA Group: Photos, Videos, Discussions, etc.
For anyone who worked at Digital Productions, Abels, or Omnibus in the early 80's (Hosted by Jim Rygiel)
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lahaborfest LA Harbor International Film Festival (LAHIFF), April 23, 24, 25 & 26, 2009
(Information Supplied by Stephanie Mardesich, Festival Director & Founder)
Marquee LAST STARFIGHTER 25th Anniversary Screening

LAST STARFIGHTER - On the BIG screen again! March 27, 2009!
Well, join us for a special 25th Anniversary (yep, it's been 25 years!) screening of "The Last Starfighter" on Friday, March 27th at the Aero Theater in Santa Monica. (From Gene Kozicki originally, and transmitted by Battino). Click for Details.
siting The Last Starfighter Siting (May 2008)
Name Position (Then) Company (Now) E-Mail Web Page, Phone, or Address
digital productions        
Adams, Stan Operator      
Amit, Emmanuel Designer/Director      
Arrot, Mattew Technical Director UCSD  
Bailey, Chris Animator Fox
Barnhill, Kevin Modeler      
Brown, Maxine U. of Illinois at Chicago U. of Illinois at Chicago
Battino, Allen Designer/Director Barking Art Productions
Beck, Steve   ILM  
Benner, Lynne Research Tech. Dir.      
Betts, Tom Modeler Set Designer for Film Since 1990
(310) 704 5548 C

Bergeron, Phillippe Research Tech, Dir. Actor

6124 Lederer Ave Woodland Hills CA 91367
(818) 932 9491 H
(310) 650 4198 C

Bierner, Mori Production Manager      
Bjorke, Kevin Technical Director Sr Technical Artist at Trion World Network

(408) 486-8874

Bottorff, Bridget

Modeler Artist

Braford, Fred Software Development      
Buchman, Harold Technical Director Buchman Design
Burkhart, Bob Engr. Technician      
Busch, Michael Technical Director Creative Director / TVart
(213) 281-0264

Cady, Carly Exec. Assistant

Campanelli, Ray

Ops Programmer Associate Director at Fujitsu Consulting
Carroll, Russ

VP of Computer Services

CEO | Miva Merchant
Ph: 858.731.4130
Chao, Charles Div. of Sci. & Indus.      
Chasen, Kathy Post Production Executive VFX Producer at Asylum Visual Effects
Chen, Philip Software Development FutureVisions
Chiang, Doug Designer/Director ILM  
Chinn, Candice Technical Director      
Coss, Ellen   Rhythm & Hues  
Cranston, Lamont        
Davis, Marie Film Editor CIS Hollywood

Davidson, Andrew Research Software Engineer
Software Development
Interaction Designer/Producer at University of Washington
deGraf, Brad Head. Tech. Prod. CTO and Co-Founder at Interra Project

(415) 388-6478
180 Marguerite Avenue, Mill Valley 94941

Demos, Gary Whitney-Demos Prod. Demografx
DeLong, Cole Runner      
DeWarren, Patrick Research Tech. Dir.
Dinhut, Patrice Technical Director Director Taxi films (310) 470-0531
Dixon, Lisa Design Graphics      
Dozier, Ken Vice President of Operations, Executive Technical Director
Executive Director
Western Research Application Center (WESRAC)
USC Viterbi School of Engineering
Dyer, Lee Producer      
Fangmeier, Stefen Graphics Analyst Independent Entertainment Professional
Farson, Peter Technical Director Senior Character Technical Director at Dreamworks Animation
Faraud, Michelle Software Development Sun Microsystems    

Miller, Kathy Fisken
(aka Kathy Prestera)

Nakamura, Grace Accountant Assistant Cellphone: (310)482-7023
Gans, Noah Technical Director      
Garb, Gordon Ops Manager
Partner Engineering Manager, Sun Microsystems
(408) 813-1035
Gibson, Charlie Technical Director Director/VFX Supervisor at Tri-Tip Films
Ginsberg, David Producer General Counsel,
Glovia International, Inc.
Goldberg, Steve Technical Director Visual Effects Supervisor at Disney Animation Studios
Golvin, Charlie Research Tech. Dir. SGI  
Graham, John Camera Operator First Assistant Camera for TV Series and Shows
Green, Jack Technical Director  

Guaglione, Eric

Technical Director Head of Animation;
Animation Director at Animal Logic

Building 54/FSA #19
Fox Studios Australia
38 Driver Ave.
Moore Park NSW 2021

main: +61 [0]2 9383 4800
direct: +61 [0]2 9383 4822
fax: +61 [0]2 9383 4801
Hahn, Julie DSI Production Asst.      
Hamlin, David Gary Accountant  
Haywood, George President, Omnibus Sim.      
Hiner, Rebecca Marie Technical Director      
Hoffer, Erin Rae Technical Designer
Industry Strategy,
Autodesk, Inc.
610 Lincoln St, Waltham, MA 02451
Howard, John Technical Director VIEWPORT  
Hunt, Brad Technical Director Roboticist, Robotic Arts
Isaacs, Paul Technical Director      
Isdale, Jerry System Engineer Benevolent Dictator of a maker space on Maui
Kamberg, Mario Creative Director Rhythm & Hues
Keller, David Camera Captain Rhythm & Hues  
Kory, Michael Technical Director Freelance CG Artist, 3DesignIMATION
Kozak, Jim Office Administrator      
Kreston, Chris Accounting      
Krikun, Debbie Technical Director      
LaFave, Mike Modeler/Tech. Dir. Rhythm& Hues

Lake, Shelley Artist Chiropractor
Lapid, Sharon (McKenzie) Director of Sales  
Leitner, Beth Modeler Industry Specialist, Bluebeam Software, Inc.
Levy, Robert Post Production      
Lewis, Leonard Operator      
Limber, Michael Technical Director Partner, Creative Director at Warren Fahy & Company
Luther, Larry Research Tech. Dir. Dolby
Machi, Alessandro Chariot Operator      
Markizon, Alan CFO-General Counsel      
Mardesich, Deborah Purchasing NPA (National Printing Association) (310) 521-8736
Mardesich, Stephanie HR Director/Cofunder; LA Harbor International Film Festival
(310) 519-0756

McGovern, Tim Technical Director Writer / Director,
Tim McGovern Productions, Inc.
McHugh, Richard A. Software Consultant      
Mckenna, Sherry Executive Producer CEO, Oddworld Inhabitants
McMillan, Malcolm Software Development

Miller, Pam (aka Pam Hogarth)

HR Director of Marketing,
Look Effects
Min, Aung Modeler Digital Artist Independent

skype id: min333
(323) 630 - 9009

Morris ( Ahearn ), Mary Ann Research Technical Director Multimedia Programmer at Moberg Research, Inc.
Nagle, Emily -Green Div. of SCI & Indus. Yankee Group

O'Brian, Lisa Producer Studio 78   (323) 464-7878.
Paul, Rodian   Rhythm & Hues    
Peach, Allan Producer

Allan Peach Consulting

Piepol, Diane Modeler USC. Institute for Creative Technologies. Producer
(310) 574-7818
Powell, Mary Receptionist      
Powers, Adam V. Memorial Library      
Prestera, Kathy
(aka Kathy Fisken Miller)
Rack, B. J. Business Affair      
Rafferty, Kevin Technical Director

Visual Effects Supervisor, Member, Board of Directors, Visual Effects Society
4713 Rockland Place
La Canada Flintridge, CA 91011
(818) 541-9644 (home) | (818) 695-3547 (office)
(818) 468-7865 (mobile)
Riccio, Kathryn Producer Independent Entertainment Professional
Rother, Paul Research Tech. Dir. LEFTBRAIN.US
(310) 829-0130
(800) 500-1315

Ruhoff, David Software Development Dolby


Rygiel, Jim Technical Director Senior Visual Effects Supervisor, INVISIBLE ARMY
Sieg, Dave Application Dev. zfx
Sinclair, Larry Engineer  
Sellin, Christine Associate Producer UCLA  
Sharp, Michael Operator      
Sherwood, Phil Technical Writer      
Skinner, Stephen Sr. Modeler Vice President of Technology, Alain Pinel Realtors
Smith, Don Modeler Mt. San Jacinto College, Menifee CA
Snyder, John Systems Operator      
Somers, Ellen Producer/Live Action WARNER
St. John, Nancy Producer Big Fish
Small Pond Productions
Sumner, Claudia Producer ClaudiaVFXPost
Sung, Yun-Chen Software Development Disney
Swanson, Robert President,
Digital Productions
President, Delta Max
Thorp, Don Div. of SCI & Indus. Production Systems Staff ,
San Diego Supercompting Center
(858) 534-5038
Tidwell, Melinda Technical Director Designer/Artist at Melt Industries
Tuitam, Deborah Pierce Accounting (805) 630-2062
Ullner, Mike Software Development Dreamworks  
Upson, Craig Software Development Owner / Operator, Dry Pen
Varsanyi, Eric Systems Manager Principal Engineer,
Wirecache Inc.
(763) 519-1497 x222
Villarreal, Bill Software Development Sony Pictures Imageworks
Wade, Mitch Software Development Demografx

Weinberg, Larry Technical Director Senior Computer Scientist at Adobe Systems Inc.
Whitney, John Founder Independent Philanthropy Professional
Whitney, Mark Director Michael Whitney-Mark Whitney Productions (Matter of Heart)
Whitney, Michael Chief Engineer Financial Advisor at Franklin, TN (Matter of Heart)
Wincinas, David Technical Writer  
Yaeger, Larry VP Software Systems Professor of Informatics, Indiana University
Babb, Robert Oregon Grad. Center TRW
Deputy Chief Technologist
Badler, Norm U. of Pennsylvania U. of Pennsylvania
Calvert, Tom Simon Fraser U. Simon Fraser U.
Cobb, Ron Artist ICT
Hardy, James M. Consultant. Retired  
Herigstad, Dale Designer/Director hDesign, Creative Director
Kroyer, Bill Animator Rhythm & Hues    
Verraux, Ed Blind Duck Productions      
Weinberg, Richard Cray Engineer USC. CTO & Research Professor, School of Cinema-Television & Annenberg Center for Communications  
Woodside, Bruce Animator      
DP-Cray Research        
Bush, Jack        
Chism, Frank Site Analyst
Technology Solutions Professional,  
High Performance Computing
(425) 533-7487
Eads, Stan        
Holiday, Reggie        
Scalise, Mark        
White, John        

2008 News Items:

Gary Demos joined Lowery Digital in Burbank as Senior Algorithm Scientist. (Reported on People, Post Magazine, September, 2008.

SIGGRAPH-Greatest 80's CG Party of all time:
Allen Battino and Philippe Bergeron are organized multi-CGI companies reunion party
on Friday, August 15, 2008 in Los Angeles.
Photos (Battino and Bergeron)

Tim and OthersPhotos (Phil Chen)Pam's PicturesPhotos (Pam Hogarth)

July 19 and 20, 2008: Bridget Bottroff's Art Exhibt

Robert Babb died 2008 from cancer. He will be missed.

August 8, 2007: Reunion celebration for previous employees of Digital Productions, Omnibus Computer Graphics, and Robert Abel and Associates, JSix, San Diego, California.

Mal BirthdayMalcom McMillan's 80th Birthday Luncheon. Calabasas, California, Feburary 18, 2007

Pre-2007 News Items:

News Flash: MARIE DAVIS Died Nov. 9, 2005.
Visual effects producer and editor Marie Davis died of breast cancer at age 47.
Ms. Davis' credits include "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe," "Zathura," "Batman Forever" "Spider-Man 2," "Star Trek: Generations,"The Polar Express," the remake of "Planet of the Apes,"
"The Matrix Reloaded," "The Muppet Christmas Carol" and "Titanic."
Prayers of comfort for her family and friends.
(Information provided by Mike La Fave).

News Flash: Gary Demos Awarded Gordon E. Sawyer Oscar. Feb 18, 2006 (The link is supplied by Andy Davidson via Mary Ann Ahearn)

The list is based on:
1. Omnibus Simulation Division (Based on Namelist on February 28th, 1987)
2. Namelist supplied by Larry Yaeger
3. Updates from Pam Hogarth (July, 15, 2002)
4. Abel Alumni List from Bill Kovacs (July 18, 2002)
5. Allen Battino (August 2, 2005)
6 . Move Ex-DPers to the main list (June 27, 2006). Old list is still available at the old page link.
7. Last update: Feburary 8, 2011. Periodic update from various sources

This list has been updated constantly. If you have any info regarding anyone, please send e-mail to Philip Chen.