The Last Starfighter Siting Page

Andy Davidson discovered "The Last Starfighter" was showing in a Theater in May 2008
Last Starfighter Showing in May 2008

Selected E-Mails:

Andy Davison to Mary Ann Morris Ahern and Pam Horgarth:

I snapped this pic while biking through a crunky little town in the exurbs of Seattle (Issaquah). Too bad I was just a few days too late to catch the show!

Pam Horgarth to Distribution List (RT Taylor,
Sherry McKenna,
Gene Kozicki,
Kevin Rafferty,
Philip C

This from Dpeon, Andy Davidson.

Gene Kozicki to Pam Horgath:

used to live about 10 miles from there - in Redmond.  Most of the time I was there, the building sat abandoned.  I was under the impression it was a theater theater, and not a movie theater.   Perhaps it was running "Last Starfighter: The Musical"?


PS - "crunky little town"?

Sherry McKenna to Distribution List:

Wow, that is so awesome.  What is more awesome is seeing some of the names in the “to” heading. 

Funny how one movie could mean so much to all of us who worked on it!