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For anyone who worked at Digital Productions, Abels, or Omnibus in the early 80's (Hosted by Jim Rygiel)
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Memorial Service Info Source: Larry Weinberg (Facebook)
In Memory – Kathy White (from Scrape Post)
Kathy White Passed Away in July 2009 (1959-2009)
Kathy White
LA Harbor International Film Festival (LAHIFF), April 23, 24, 25 & 26, 2009
(Information Supplied by Stephanie Mardesich, Festival Director & Founder)
LAST STARFIGHTER 25th Anniversary Screening
LAST STARFIGHTER - On the BIG screen again! March 27, 2009!
Well, join us for a special 25th Anniversary (yep, it's been 25 years!) screening of "The Last Starfighter" on Friday, March 27th at the Aero Theater in Santa Monica. (From Gene Kozicki originally, and transmitted by Battino). Click for Details.

Name Position (Then) Company (Now) E-Mail Web Page, Phone, or Address
Abel, Robert President Deceased  

The Robert Abel Project

Michael Sterling's 2002 ABEL TRIBUTE:

Abel, Marah     mabel02@earthlink.net  
Aller, Josh Programmer, Abel Image Research Computational Geometrist josh@aller.com http://www.linkedin.com/pub/1/4a2/406

Alter, Joe

Digital Effects Joe Alter, inc joe@joealter.com http://www.joealter.com
Anderson, Clark Art Director Rhythm & Hues canderson@kachew.com  
Baily, Richard Technical Director Deceased


Tribute & Memorial for Richard "Doc" Baily
Barnhill, Kevin   Digital Production Supervisor at Industrial Light and Magic kevinb@kerner.com http://www.linkedin.com/pub/2/285/8bb
Barret, Jim   FREELANCE    
Barron, Tom   IMAGEG barron@imageg.com  
Battino, Allen Animation &VFX Director Barking Art Productions barkingart@mac.com http://www.allenbattino.com
Benner, Lynne        
Blum, Chris     blum707@aol.com  
Boule, Cliff Director Studio Art Director, Ubisoft Vancouver cboule@pdi.com http://www.linkedin.com/pub/1/6a9/285
Busch, Michael Technical Director Creative Director / Disney michael@michaelbusch.com http://www.linkedin.com/in/michaelbuschdigitalmedia

(213) 281-0264
Casady, Chris   ROTOEFX   http://www.linkedin.com/pub/9/76/395
Chinn, Candice   DISNEY chinn@fa.disney.com  
Clemente, Rick   Alo Imago, Albuquerque NM jrclem1@mac.com

(505) 688-4148

Coleman, David   Sony Music david_coleman@sonymusic.com  
Collins, Joan (Carey)

Producer Independent Computer Graphics & Animation Professional


Colonna, Kerry   Independent Think Tanks Professional kerry@rhythm.com http://www.linkedin.com/pub/8/276/b23
Cooney, Steve Technical Director Producer at large steve.cooney@WWFEnt.com http://www.linkedin.com/in/stevecooney
Corbin, Richard Cameraman      
Curlender, Dave   Freelance dave@artlover.com  
Davis, Rod Art Director   Rod113@aol.com  
DeBevoise, Allen Technical Director, Producer Chairman and CEO, Machinima, Inc.
Dehner, Kirsten     kdehner@rcn.com  
Dinoble, Al   CINESITE adinoble@aol.com  
Duff, Dana Art Director Professor at Otis College of Art and Design d.naduff@gmail.com mini-biography
Dutra, Maura Art Director President, Creative Director at iDC Photography   http://www.idcphotography.com/
Edlund, Richard   Owner at Richard Edlund Films edlund@cinenet.net http://www.linkedin.com/pub/1/6/198
Elin, Larry Director of Special Projects Syracuse University


Larry Elin
Associate Professor
Television Radio Film
S.I. Newhouse School
Syracuse University
Syracuse, NY 13244
(315) 443-3415
Eskuri, Neil Technical Director DISNEY neil_eskuri@fa.disney.com  
Feeney, Ray   President, RFX Inc. ray@rfx.com http://www.linkedin.com/pub/6/52a/156
Franco, Mark Production Assistant Electric Entertainment, Head of Post Production/VFX Producer for Electric Entertainment MarkF@electricentertainment.com http://www.electric-entertainment.com
Electric Entertainment
940 N. Highland Ave. Suite A
Los Angeles, CA 90038
Gennis, Sari Staff Animator / Director Owner at Sari Gennis/Animatrix animatrix@earthlink.net http://www.linkedin.com/in/sarigennis
Gibson, Michael Art Director DD vfxgibson@aol.com  
Gibson, Charlie Technical Director Director/VFX Supervisor at Tri-Tip Films charlie@gibco.com http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0002716/
Goldberg, Steve Technical Director Visual Effects Supervisor at Disney Animation Studios steve_goldberg@fa.disney.com http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1081303/
Goldfarb, Keith   Rhythm & Hues keith@rhythm.com  
Goldman, Clint Producer, Production Manager Executive Producer, Partner at Hoytyboy Pictures cgoldman@kerner.com http://www.linkedin.com/pub/2/2a5/560
Gray, Steve   SQUARELA evil@sqla.com  
Gregg, Kris Cameraman Modern VideoFilm, Inc.  KGregg@mvf.com  kgregg@pacbell.net
Grower, John Technical Director SBSTUDIOS john@sbst.com  
Guglielmo, Paul Cameraman   PGee@earthlink.net  
Hall, Roy Programmer      
Hawthorne, Darr Sr. Visual Effects Producer Director of Advertising at Racing Net Source, LLC darrhawthorne@SBCGlobal.net http://dragracingonline.com
Heller, John Technical
Architect john@heller-architect.com http://www.linkedin.com/pub/john-heller/1b/151/335
Herigstad, Dale Art Director Chief Creative Officer, Schematic herigstad@hdesigninc.com http://www.linkedin.com/pub/0/190/310
Hills, Christina Programmer ILM xtina@kerner.com  
Holland, Bill   HP bill_holland@hp.com  
Hollander, Richard   Producer at Pixar Animation Studios reh@rhythm.com http://www.linkedin.com/pub/8/9b1/758
Hoover, Richard Art Director   Richard.Hoover@disney.com  
Hughes, John Technical Director Rhythm & Hues john@rhythm.com http://www.linkedin.com/pub/9/477/954
Hunt, Joe Staff Airbrush Artist   email@joenouveau.com Air Brush Story
Kasper, Steve General Manager, 1984-1987 Owner, Kasper & Associates and Motion Pictures and Film Consultant
spk749@aol.com http://www.linkedin.com/pub/0/795/100
Kay, John Art Director      
Keating, Jim Technical Director      
Keith, Liza Customer Support, Abel Image Research
Freelance at Attitude Studio


Kenly, Patric


Custom Film Effects phnck@yahoo.com
Kent, Bill Cameraman (Ex-AIR-Traffic-Controller) VFX Supervisor at Walden Media bill@stormcloudvfx.com http://www.linkedin.com/pub/2/11a/358
Kerbel, Ann Technical Director, Modeler      
Kimbell, Wayne     wayne@kimbell.com  
Klevatt, Steve     kleve@netcom.com  
Kohne, Dan   Owner, Stokes/Kohne Associates, Inc. Djkohne@aol.com http://www.linkedin.com/pub/1/848/b16
Kovacs, Bill Technical Director, Programmer Deceased


RezN8, Ex-CTO

Lyman, Kenvin  

Bohemian Farms
Title: The Utah Kid

bon-of-man@camcast.net Rainbow Jam Posters
Leiben, Laura        
Legato, Rob Producer   rlegato@aol.com  
Lieberman, Isacc     isaac@cis.compuserve.com  
Marks, Harry     hlm2400@pacbell.net  
Martin, Tandy     tandym@earthlink.net  
MaKenna, Sherry Producer Oddworld sherry@oddworld.com  
McDonald, Marsha Editor      
McGovern, Tim Technical Director Writer / Director,
Tim McGovern Productions, Inc.
timmcg@sbcglobal.net http://www.linkedin.com/pub/3/516/77
Menniger, Tony Model Maker IMAGEG    
Mirman, Kenny Art Director FREELANCE kmirman@charter.net  
Miskowich, Don     Dmisk@aol.com  
Nelson, John Cameraman, Technical Director SONY jnelson_53@hotmail.com  
Newell, Paul Allen Software Developer DreamWorks Animation paul.newell@dreamworks.com


Pederson, Con Technical Director, Art Director, Animator, Icon METROLIGHT con@metrolight.com  
Phillips, Audri   FREELANCER audri@audri.com http://www.audri.com
Piepol, Diane Modeler USC. Institute for Creative Technologies. Producer piepol@ict.usc.edu


Quarnstrom, Dan Designer Designer / Art Director at Dan Quarnstrom Design dan@rhythm.com http://www.linkedin.com/pub/9/706/777
Reynolds, Ron   METROLIGHT ronrey@attbi.com  
Richmond, Neil   owner at Lunatic Robots neil@rhythm.com http://www.linkedin.com/pub/4/ba2/544
Roberts, Randy Art Director Rhythm & Hues rroberts@rhythm.com  
Ross, Rick Editor Deceased    
Rudolph, Ken     kenru@attbi.com  
Russell, Terry Receptionist and Production Assistant Real Estate Investments krafchik@sbcglobal.net (310) 487-1476
Samek, Marcel Software R&D CTO at Electronic Arts Los Angeles marcel@mlinet.com http://www.linkedin.com/pub/0/113/598
Schwartz, Teri Producer   teeta45@aol.com  
Schnur, Larry   Independent Entertainment Professional lschnur@pacbell.net http://www.linkedin.com/pub/9/537/3b3
Sidley, Steve        
Slean, Cheryl Programmer Rhythm & Hues cheryl@rhythm.com  
St. John, Nancy Producer Senior Visual Effects Producer at The Orphanage nsj@redshift.com http://www.linkedin.com/pub/9/426/771
Sørensen, Peter Software tester and Instructor Peter Sorensen Crop Circle Videographer croppie2@yahoo.com


Sterling, Michael Artist/Designer Presidential Candidate



Taylor, C. D.     cdt411@aol.com  
Taylor, Richard     rtaylor@tropixfilms.com  
Taylor, R. T.     rt3dtd@verizon.net  
Terreri, Bert   Rhythm & Hues bert@rhythm.com  
Tso, Pauline   Vice President at Rhythm & Hues Studios and Owner, Rhythm & Hues Studios tso@rhythm.com http://www.linkedin.com/pub/3/7a5/8aa
Tuitam, Deborah Pierce Accounting   tuitacrew@socal.rr.com (805) 630-2062
Valldejuli, Priscilla     pv981@aol.com  
Vitz, Frank Technical Director Electronic Arts frank@vitz.com http://www.linkedin.com/pub/1/52/b32
Wahrman, Michael Programmer Independent Motion Pictures and Film Professional michaelw@wahrman.com http://www.linkedin.com/pub/11/602/68b
Weber, Joanna     jsw_two@sbcglobal.net  
Weghorst, Hank Programmer      
White, Kathy Technical Director Deceased kathy@ghosteffects.com http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0925055/
In Memory – Kathy White (from Scrape Post)
Sad News: Kathy White passed away

Wilson, Roger Technical Director, (Staff Pirate; December 1979 Until April 1984) Independent: Free-lance Modeling, Software Interface Design, and Training
roger@jollyone.com http://www.linkedin.com/pub/0/47/b6
2025 Valley Road, Willits, CA 95490
Wilton, Bruce Ran machine shop & built/maintained camera systems Mechanical Concepts, Glendale, California bruce@mechconcepts.com http://www.mechconcepts.com
Wolf, Ellen     wolfwimr@west.net  
Wuts, Frank   WutsArt.com
Computer Software Professional
at_one_with@yahoo.com http://WutsArt.com
Yost, David Programmer GUI and Java Consultant and Contractor   http://www.linkedin.com/pub/0/870/b34
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Pre-2009 News, Events, Etc.

SIGGRAPH-Greatest 80's CG Party of all time:
Allen Battino and Philippe Bergeron organized multi-CGI companies reunion party
on Friday, August 15, 2008 in Los Angeles.
Photos (Battino and Bergeron)

Tim and OthersPhotos (Phil Chen) Pam's PicturesPhotos (Pam Hogarth)

August 8, 2007: Reunion celebration for previous employees of Digital Productions, Omnibus Computer Graphics, and Robert Abel and Associates, JSix, San Diego, California.

Pre-2007 News Items:

News Flash: Bill Kovacs Passed Away on May 30, 2006. Wikipedia Page(Created by Dave Yost)
Memorial Service for Bill Sunday, June 4, 2006 (Written by Larry Barels.)
Paul Sidlo of REZN8 wrote about Bill Kovacs (Supplied by Dave Yost and Robert S. Block).

News Flash: Tribute & Memorial for Richard "Doc" Baily:
An Event at Cal Arts. June 24, 2006, 7-10pm (Supplied by Robin D'Arcy [1ruedejour@sbcglobal.net]

The Robert Abel Project (Originally Published in Millimeter)

The list is based on:
1. Omnibus Simulation Division (Based on Namelist on February 28th, 1987)
2. Namelist supplied by Larry Yaeger
3. Updates from Pam Hogarth (July 15, 2002)
4. Abel Alumni List from Bill Kovacs (July 18, 2002)
5. Fristen Lasten provided "then position" updates (August 18, 2008)
6. Periodic update from various sources

This list has been updated constantly. Last update: February 8, 2011.
If you have any info regarding anyone, please send e-mail to Philip Chen.