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Omnibus Toronto Historical Pictures from Shareholder Report 1986 Plus Namelist (Contributor: Kim Davidson)
JKleiser Omnibus Historical Photos Taken at Studio G at Paramont Picture in September 1986 (Contributor: Randall Rudd)
Marquee LAST STARFIGHTER 25th Anniversary Screening Photos

LAST STARFIGHTER - On the BIG screen again! March 27, 2009!
Well, join us for a special 25th Anniversary (yep, it's been 25 years!) screening of "The Last Starfighter" on Friday, March 27th at the Aero Theater in Santa Monica. (From Gene Kozicki originally, and transmitted by Battino). Click for Details.

Name Position (Then) Company (Now) E-Mail Web Page, Phone, or Address
Beiner, Mori Production Manager      
Balabuck, Rick Production manager Director of Sales,
Volicon, Inc,
Bispeck, Rebecca Reception/Office Manager      
Buchman, Harold Technical Director Buchman Design
Calhoun, Brad Vice Presiden Consultant at MacGillivray Freeman Films
Craford, Jane Animator      
Davidson, Kim Omnibus, Toronto Side Effects Software, CEO & President
Davis, Ed        
DeWarren, Partrick        
Durinsky, Art Art Director Otis, Digital Media
Ehrlich, Hank Publicity      
Hoffman, Bob Sr. Technical Director Designer / Animator at Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Howard, John Sr. Technical Director VIEWPORT  
Isdale, Jerry System Engineer

Airovironment (AV inc./UAS)
Jex, Dan Producer      
Johnson, Ed        
Joiner, Mark Films and CGI Ericsson Sweden Will be supplied.
Lucs, Susan Animator      
Kleiser, Jeff Director, Motion Picture Special Effects Division Owner at Synthespian Studios

Kory, Michael CG Artist and Designer Freelance CG Artist at 3DesignIMATION

MacMillan, Doug


Senior TD at ImageMovers Digital
Paul, Rod   Rhythm & Hues  
Pennie, John The Head Guy      
Rapley, Jim Spice Net
Reid, Eric        
Rosenberg, Bob Producer      
Rudd, Randy (Randall)
Creative Director Rudd Creative
Shannon, Sonya  
Sieg, Dave Application Dev. zfx
Suziki, Michiko        
Swanson, Robert President, Digital Productions President, Delta Max
Weinberg, Larry Technical Director Curious Labs, Inc. & Rhythm & Hues

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The list is based on:
1. Omnibus Simulation Division (Based on Namelist on February 28th, 1987)
2. Namelist supplied by Larry Yaeger
3. Group photo by Harold Buchman
4. Names added by Randall Rudd (3/31/07)
4. Periodic update from various sources. Last updated October 21, 2009

This list has been updated constantly. If you have any info regarding anyone, please send e-mail to Philip Chen.

2008 News:

SIGGRAPH-Greatest 80's CG Party of all time:
Allen Battino and Philippe Bergeron organized multi-CGI companies reunion party
on Friday, August 15, 2008 in Los Angeles.
Photos (Battino and Bergeron)

Tim and OthersPhotos (Phil Chen) Pam's PicturesPhotos (Pam Hogarth)

2007 News:
August 8, 2007: Reunion celebration for previous employees of Digital Productions, Omnibus Computer Graphics, and Robert Abel and Associates, JSix, San Diego, California.

This picture was taken at Ominbus on the Paramount lot.

Behind (From left to right): Pactrick DeWarren, Michael Kory, Eric Reid, Bob Hoffman
Front: Harold Buchnman (Left) and Larry Weinberg (Right)