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Malcom McMillan's 80th Birthday Luncheon
Calabasas, California, Feburary 18, 2007

Art Dulinski, Larry Luther and his Son,
Harold Buchman (Left to Right)
Harold Buchman, Mitch Wade,
Malcom McMillan, Philip Chen (Left to Right)
Harold Buchman, Mich Wade,
Malcom McMillan, Larry Luther, Philp Chen, Art Durinki (Left to Right)
Selected E-Mails:

From: Phil

Hi Pam, Art, Harold, Larry, Mich, and Mal:

Mich Wade, Art Durinski, Harold Buchman, Larry Luther, and I attended Mal's 80th Birthday Party. We gathered at Mal's home first, and then went to Mi Piace, a restaurant in Calabasas. We had lunch for about two hours. Later, we went back to Mal's home. We stay for another two hours.

We talked about a lot of things: computers, anecdotes, and stories.

Names mentioned: Pam Miller, Marianne Ahern Morris, Emily Nagle, Jack Green, Andy Davidson. David Ruhoff and his new wife, Gary Demos, Brad Bradford, Larry Yaeger, Craig Upson, Brad deGraf, Michael Rimbach, Brad Hunt. Michell Farud, Gordon Garb. Jim Rygiel, Michael Ullmer, Yun-Cheng Sung, Steve Skinner.  Whitneys, Etc.

Mal showed his cartoon work, and his Prism work, a Picture created at III.

We had great time. We all agreed that we should have this kind of gathering more often.

Here are pictures:

At lunch table:
1. Left
2. Right.
3. Group Picture.

From: Art

Hi Philip.

It was really great seeing you, and Mal, Larry, Mitch, and Harold at the luncheon last Sunday.  What a terrific event it was.

Thank you for organizing, and it was fun catching up on where everyone is at these days.  It would be nice to have some info about those III, DP, and Whitney/Demos days posted somewhere.

And thanks for the picture. Very nice.

Let’s do this all more often.


From: Pam to Phil

See, I should’ve gone. I would’ve the only chick! (How unusual in our industry!)

Thanks for the pics. They are wonderful.