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For anyone who worked at Digital Productions, Abels, or Omnibus in the early 80's (Hosted by Jim Rygiel)
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Omnibus Toronto Historical Pictures from Shareholder Report 1986 Plus Namelist (Contributor: Kim Davidson)
JKleiser Omnibus Historical Photos Taken at Studio G at Paramont Picture in September 1986 (Contributor: Randall Rudd)
Marquee LAST STARFIGHTER 25th Anniversary Screening Photos

LAST STARFIGHTER - On the BIG screen again! March 27, 2009!
Well, join us for a special 25th Anniversary (yep, it's been 25 years!) screening of "The Last Starfighter" on Friday, March 27th at the Aero Theater in Santa Monica. (From Gene Kozicki originally, and transmitted by Battino). Click for Details.

Omnibus Toronto   As of
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Kim Davidson Animation Director   Side Effects President
Doug Macmillan Animator   Image Movers Digital
Les Major Animator   Sony Pictures Imageworks    
Mark Mayerson Animator   Sheridan College Lecturer
JJ Tremblay Animator   Ubisoft    
Ted Ravn Animator        
Steven Strauss Animator        
Linda Bel Animator   ILM    
Marc Joiner Animator        
Dan Philips Art Director   Ganz Art Lead  
David Howe Art Director   Sheridan Lecturer  
Keith Ballinger Art Director   Freelance    
Rob Marinic Art Director   Image Movers Digital    
Ron Plante Artist        
Greg Hermanovic R&D Manager   Derivative President
Paul Breslin Programmer   Autodesk Developer  
Kevin Tureski Programmer        
Michael Herman Programmer        
Cathy Mailo Programmer        
Brad Dieno Film editor        
John Stollar Editor   AXYZ President
Dan Krech Editor   Entrenched President
Paul Cormack Editor   Freelance    
Ted Rogers Editor        
Cindy Cosenzo Production Manager        
Ron Rimer Account Manager        
Cynthia Taylor Account Manager   Nelvana?    
John Pennie President        
Joe Martin VP Operations        
Bill Scarrow CFO        
Effie Zis Controller        
Reno Delmasso Administration        
Jackie Lynette Administration        
Mike Johnson IT        
Doug Walls IT        
Dan Jex          

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