Rainbow Jam Posters


Kenvin Lyman

I thought some of the Abel bodied might be interested in a re-release of two pre-Abel posters from the Rainbow Jam days. Richard Taylor and I, as you may know, were partners in a graphic/lightshow company by that name from 1969 to 1974. That was the year after he took the 'Painting with Light' magic with him to Abel's.

Bob and his wife had a magic link with Rainbow Jam through Richard's Rainbow Jam stationery.
Richard tells the story much better than I.

When Richard went to Abel's the first time he took some of his Rainbow Jam posters and much to his delight found that Bob was already well aware of Rainbow Jam. Richard says it was those posters that opened the door for him there.

I did the posters for Led Zeppelin in 1970 and they became big collector's items in that world.

The URL for the two Rainbow Jam posters is: www.ledzeppelinposters.net

Best to all,

Kenvin Lyman

December, 2005