About Sabiba

Sabiba is a highly acclaimed belly dancer in the San Francisco Bay Area. Renowned for her creative choreography and high energy yet graceful performances, she has been teaching Middle Eastern dance and appearing regularly at Greek, Arabic and Persian dinner clubs, festivals and cultural events for many years.

Sabiba dances in Hozkhouneh, Mountain View; and Menara, San Jose. She had been a resident dancer at Zorba's restaurant in San Jose till its closure in November, 2000. Sabiba has been teaching belly dancing in colleges and workshops. For class information, please check class schedule. Some of her dance routines are shown in video clips and photos on this web site.

See a full feature video, click HERE.

Looking for entertainment that will spice up your party, festive gathering or special events? Sabiba's performance always enhances a celebration. Ever the sophisticated, elegant, alluring yet tasteful dancer, audiences are mesmerized by her charm and energy.

Call (408) 265-8215 or send e-mail to schedule for performances!


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