Fond Farewell to "Zorba's"


As many of you may have noticed, Zorba's Restaurant has not appeared on my dance calendar lately. Sadly, one of the most popular gathering places of the Greek community for past 30 years has closed its doors.

Zorba's Bouzuki Band delighted patrons nightly with lively Greek and international music. It was an elegant restaurant reminiscent of the lush dinner clubs of the 50's, offering a complete professional "show" while you enjoyed traditional Greek entrees such as mousaka, lamb kalpama or dolmales. Those less familiar with the Greek culture were always invited to join in with the Greek folk dancing and learn a step or two. For many years it was the place to go for an evening of unique entertainment.

I am grateful to the Kouretas family for allowing me the privilege to perform as their featured dancer for 15 years. I had a great time dancing and getting to know so many of the Greek community. I will miss the musicians, staff and many of the customers who frequented Zorba's for all those years, but my feet are still dancing and I will continue to perform in other venues.



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