Sabiba's Y2K Message

Mellow Out and Condition Up for 2000!
Why dance? It's great for mind and body!


In this hectic, tedious era of busy schedules, lengthy work commutes and financial pressures, we need to have a little escapism time. Dance allows us to switch to our more creative left brain. From languid undulations through sycopated hips to whirlwind spins, our response to the feelings and emotion of the music, and the movement is a refreshing tilt toward our creative side.

Pressures of the day melt away. Those wonderful endorphins exercise releases are giving us a pleasant high. We feel more alive and energetic yet relaxed, less stressed and more feminine. It certainly beats jogging or calisthenics to stay in shape. Redundant, mindless exercise is more difficult to maintain on a regular basis.

Dancing three or four days a week can relieve stress, help maintain a healthy weight, decrease blood pressure and reduce risk of cancers, diabetes and heart disease and make you feel beautiful. So take care of that precious mind and body.... Dance!!

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