Pauline Zazulak

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Co-Director and
Performer Extraordinaire

Dance Background: Started as a child. Also danced Macedonian and Scanda- navian dances with performing group. Studied in Greece at various seminars as well as in the U.S. with Katie Frangadakis, Joe Graziosi, John Pappas, Yvonne Hunt, and in Thessaloniki with Moses Hazarides and Andreas Papoukides. Also FDF workshop with Demetrios Tzotzis

Ethnic Background:


Education/Profession: BS in Mathematics from North Eastern University (Boston). Property Manager.

Hobbies: Collects rubbings of old man hole covers, angels, gardening and cat training.

Special Talent: Responsible for H.T.A.I.'s non-profit status. She's also our styling expert and perfectionist. Other "While remaining feminine, Pauline can still handle any gardening, plumbing or roofing job. If she doesn't already know how to fix it, she'll learn.