Larraine McBride

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Director/Performer/Costume Mistress

Dance Background: Folk & square dancing in High School and College. Danced with Greek group for over 20 years. Studied at Dora Stradou Folk Dance Theater in Athens, in Thessaloniki with Moses" "Hazarides and Andreas Papoukides, Joe Graziosi and Yvonne Hunt in the U.S. as well as Demetrios Tzotzis.

Ethnic Background:


Education/Profession: BS in Language Arts, Cal Poly. Executive Secretary/Leasing Specialist.

Hobbies: Travel, sewing, piano, gaida, and doll collecting

Special Talent: Sews most of costumes for performing group, instructor for dance" classes and speaks passable Greek.

Other: Produces costume shows and one of the lucky ones who gets to travel to Greece once or twice a year for dance and costume research. Video tapes special festivals in Greece.