Artemis Donikian Caneri

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Dance Background: Born with a great love for music and dancing.

Ethnic Background: Armenian born in Baghdad Iraq.

Education: High School in Beirut. Middle East College Pitmans College Diploma-majoring in languages. Certificates of achievements in Administrative Computer Course and in Psychology, San Mateo College.
The possibility of living in many countries such as Baghdad-Iraq, Kyrenia-Cyprus, Beriut-Lebanon, Lodon-England and Milan-Italy has given her the opportunity to learn English, Italian, French, Armenian, and some Arabic.

Hobbies: Writing , Reading, music, dancing, international cooking, and oil-color painting.

Special Talent: Painting angels. Well defined non abstract, colorful and guiding protective glorified spirits.

Other: In the phase of writing a book, called "The Land Forgotten, Iraq" which can be classified as "memoir" and tourist guide which defines the history of Mesopotamia then and now. Life which she led in Baghdad and outlines the ancient historical cities of the country and its culture and habits. Educative and interesting.

Faith, spirituality and intuition have allowed her to follow the profession of a psychic-coffee ground reader and tarot spread reader, counselor and advisor. A profession to help others ameliorate their lives.